Nonohanatei KOMURASAKI

Appearance in a traditional Japanese-style hotel "Ryokan"

Taste made sure that you can spend some gentle time in quiet appearance. The feelings made the all natural comfortable Japanese style which isn't precious a theme. Four seasons are loved from a veranda in your room, when it's the past, a garden is also an all commonplace Japanese inn.I think when you'd feel the "Japanese heart" I have begun to forget.


The hospitality for you to spend important time with an important person

Day, since it is a small hotel of the 5-set limitation per, warm service in character with a Japanese hotel can be performed. In order to offer high quality service, the staff under exclusive contract grasps various liking at the time of check-in. Please also ask a local recommendation spot any time.

Various items can choose your favorite one.

Celebration and dressing of a yukata are supported.

Dinner and Breakfast are carried to the room.